In March 2022, Liam signed with Jessica Kingsley Publishers – an imprint of Hachette/Hodder and Stoughton – to write and release his debut non-fiction novel, Selling Out the Spectrum: How science lost the trust of autistic people, and how it can win it back.

Drawing upon his career as a freelance investigative journalist, Liam takes an unflinching, eye-opening look into how autism research established its negative reputation, and the difficult conversations which lie ahead on the road to fixing that. Touching upon timely topics such as meaningful consultation, diversity and accountability to present a roadmap for change in an industry so reluctant to do so, Selling Out the Spectrum presents learnings which appeal to us all in the pursuit of a healthier society.

With a publication date yet to be confirmed, Liam is sharing updates on his writing progress via his Substack newsletter – including ways in which subscribers can get involved in the process. Sign up for free now.

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