#ReviewIn72: ‘Standing at the Sky’s Edge’ at the National Theatre


Chris Bush’s beautiful musical about three generations connected by a single flat on a Sheffield housing estate is hearty and moving, reflected in vivid lighting from Mark Henderson, energetic choreography from Lynne Page and surging music from Pulp’s Richard Hawley. With Robert Hastie’s direction, Bush’s script manages to make life’s unpredictable emotions seem like one natural progression, tapping into the idea of the flat being one to stay in or pass through.

Standing at the Sky’s Edge had its final performance in the Olivier Theatre on 25 March.

Some background: Sometimes I’ll see a show at my own leisure – often a fair way into the run where a full review isn’t necessary because tickets are sold out, there’s only a handful of performances left, or the show is well-established – and I’ll still have a few things to say about it.

This is the result: #ReviewIn72, where I write my thoughts on the production in exactly 72 words – no more.

Production Images: Johan Persson.

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