‘Now That’s What Someone Might Call Music!’ at VAULT Festival review – The Buzztones’ buttery barbershop blitzes through pop bangers


An overwhelming giddiness is borne out of nostalgia, silliness and astonishment when watching The Buzztones’ latest VAULT show. Comparing their offering to the iconic NOW! albums, the 17-man A Capella group provide mashups, medleys and mayhem in an hour of comedic and musical talent.

While this unfolds, one audience member is tasked with partaking in ‘Britney Bingo’, and keeping an eye out for any Spears lyrics across the show. The less said about this, the better, as the climax of this particular gag reaches a level of ridiculousness which has to be seen to be believed. Another moment of audience participation during a medley of 90s dance classics, involving balloons, is just as outrageous.

Of course, male A Capella performances commonly take the form of a lower buzz and hum in terms of tone – some might even say the clue is in the name for this particular group – and as the show goes on, there may well be a sense that their singing style is repetitive, but some members go on to prove they can absolutely nail falsetto too. One individual goes as far as to hit the famous high-noted intro to the classic Take That track, “Never Forget”, for example. As a group, they are exceptionally talented, but they are equally impressive as sole performers, too.

Not to mention it requires a particular genius to find two songs, deconstruct them and find a common element which makes for a smooth and seamless mashup or medley. I didn’t know just how much I needed to hear a collection of tracks mixed to Dua Lipa’s feet-tapping “Don’t Start Now” until I saw The Buzztones.

It’s just a proper feel-good show made all the more endearing by the chemistry between all of them which is so evident throughout. They aren’t afraid to self-deprecate and indulge themselves in the nonsensical (they use a melodica to get in tune), but I do wish they’d give themselves more credit in one respect: it isn’t the case that someone might call this spectacular show music, because there is, in fact, something for everyone.

The Buzztones present ‘Now That’s What Someone Might Call Music!’ played its final performance at VAULT Festival on 4 March.

Production Images: The Buzztones.

Disclaimer: I was invited to watch ‘The Buzztones present “Now That’s What Someone Might Call Music!” for free in exchange for a review of the performance as a member of the press. I did not receive payment for this article and all opinions stated above are honest and my own.

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