#ReviewIn72: ‘The Seagull’ at the Harold Pinter Theatre


Don’t see The Seagull for Emilia Clarke. Daniel Monks and Indira Varma steal the show.

It takes all of act one to establish a love triangle between Nina (Clarke), Konstantin (Monks), Arkadina (Varma) and Trigorin (Tom Rhys Harries). Even if Jamie Lloyd’s slow pacing is deliberate, it’s mumbling misery.

It should’ve centred on the depressed Konstantin and removed superfluous characters. Instead, it’s a mix of musical chairs and a group therapy session.

The Seagull is now playing at the Harold Pinter Theatre until 10 September. It will be broadcast as part of National Theatre Live from 3 November.

Some background: Sometimes I’ll see a show at my own leisure – often a fair way into the run where a full review isn’t necessary because tickets are sold out, there’s only a handful of performances left, or the show is well-established – and I’ll still have a few things to say about it.

This is the result: #ReviewIn72, where I write my thoughts on the production in exactly 72 words – no more.

Production Images: Marc Brenner.

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