#ReviewIn72: ‘Six’ UK tour


It’s easy to see why Toby Marlow and Lucy Moss’ musical about Henry VIII is a hit with Gen Z. With lines such as ‘xo baby’ and ‘sorry, not sorry’; Tinder references and at times ridiculously childish numbers (see Boleyn’s twinkling ‘Don’t Lose Ur Head’), it has the modern day sass which struts comfortably into a list of female empowerment such as ‘Heathers’ and ‘& Juliet’. It’s bedazzling, though not for everyone.

Six is now playing at the Wolverhampton Grand Theatre until 5 February, with the current touring cast performing until 6 March. The UK and Ireland tour runs up to January 2023, while the West End show at the Vaudeville Theatre is booking up to April 2023.

Some background: Sometimes I’ll see a show at my own leisure – often a fair way into the run where a full review isn’t necessary because tickets are sold out, there’s only a handful of performances left, or the show is well-established – and I’ll still have a few things to say about it.

This is the result: #ReviewIn72, where I write my thoughts on the production in exactly 72 words – no more.

Production Images: Johan Persson.

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