#ReviewIn72: ‘The Normal Heart’ at National Theatre


I note at the top of Vicki Mortimer’s set in the National’s Olivier is a flame, lit at the very start and burning at the very end – the perfect symbol for a movement which, at times, flickered, but persevered. We see that in Ben Daniel’s compelling delivery of the ‘I belong to a culture’ speech. Liz Carr has a heartfelt monologue, too, as exasperated doctor. The Normal Heart is painfully powerful.

Some background: Sometimes I’ll see a show at my own leisure – often a fair way into the run where a full review isn’t necessary because tickets are sold out or there’s only a handful of performances left – and I’ll still have a few things to say about it.

This is the result: #ReviewIn72, where I write my thoughts on the production in exactly 72 words – no more.

Production Images: Helen Maybanks.

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