UK’s first deafblind medical student reaches crowdfunder target

Cardiff student Alexandra Adams set up the fundraiser after being made homeless following a long stay in hospital.

“In the middle of this pandemic, I now have nowhere to live, as I can’t afford any alternative accommodation on my own.  As a result, my ability to complete the course and get to the finishing line of my Medicine dream is now very much at stake, and I am devastated,” she writes on her fundraising page.

Alexandra had expressed concerns what this meant for her career as the UK’s first deafblind doctor, with her having “no choice but to cut short my Medicine journey” if she couldn’t find somewhere to live for her last two years of study.

She adds: “As someone who is shielding in the middle of this coronavirus pandemic, I am in desperate need of finding somewhere to live that is both close to my teaching hospital and that has all the required setups that meet my specific accommodation needs due to my health conditions and disabilities.

“I have come through many bumps in the road, through experiencing setbacks discriminations, and ill health in the ICU, but this latest hurdle is something that I simply cannot resolve, and the thought of having to give up on my dream after 4 years of studying is not something that I ever thought I’d have to contemplate.

Over £22,000 was raised in the first 24 hours of the crowdfunder going live, and on XX, it reached its target of £26,000.

Speaking on Tuesday as the campaign neared its goal, Alexandra said on Instagram: “Even in the most impossible times, the kindness of strangers can change this world.

“I have been utterly overwhelmed by the sheer kindness and ongoing support from you all, and I am so incredibly grateful – it really does mean the world!

“My situation is looking up and I’ve returned my grasp onto the glimmer of hope that everything WILL be okay in the end, thanks to all your love and help.

“As you will know, I was really hesitant to share my difficult situation at first, because I know that there are so many people far worse off in this crazy world right now, but thank you all for reassuring me when all my other options ran out,” she said.

Alexandra went on to add that any money raised beyond the target will be donated to helping and supporting NHS staffs in local hospitals during the current coronavirus crisis.

The fundraiser can be found on the GoFundMe website.

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