Instagram To Trial Adverts for IGTV Feature in the US

Instagram has announced that it will be introducing adverts on its IGTV feature next week, with monetisation first being tested on around 200 creators in the US.

In a series of posts on the platform earlier today, the social media site said the ads will first appear when users choose to watch a video beyond a preview in their feed.

They added that they will be “mobile-first” and up to 15 seconds in length.

“We’ll test various experiences within IGTV ads throughout the year – such as the ability to skip an ad – to make sure the final result works well for people, creators and advertisers,” they said.

IGTV, first launched in 2018, saw Instagram move towards long-form vertical video, with creators being able to upload content up to an hour in length.

However, Instagram today confirmed that IGTV videos previously posted by users, or videos shared in the future without feed previews enabled, will not be eligible for monetisation.

In order for creators to gain access to monetisation tools, Instagram said they must follow its policies on partner and content monetisation.

The site’s content monetisation policy includes prohibited behaviours such as ‘engagement bait’ and restricted categories such as ‘debated social issues’.

“These policies outline that an account must comply with our Community Guidelines and have an authentic, established presence on Instagram.

“This means only sharing content that they have created and have the right to use,” Instagram said.

Alongside this, Instagram said videos must be two minutes or longer, advertiser-friendly, in English and not violate intellectual property rules.

On earnings, the platform revealed that these will be determined calculated by “how much advertisers pay and how many monetizable plays the video receives”.

In the insights made available to creators, they will be able to find out their estimated earnings, monetisable plays and the ‘status’ of an individual video.

Approximate earnings will be calculated based on “the number of times a video was played when an ad could have been inserted” and the average revenue from 1,000 ‘monetizable plays’ on a video – known as ‘monetizable plays RPM’.

The platform went on to add that payments “are likely to be small” as they test the ads experience, and that payments will be issued once a month, starting in July.

Featured Image: Instagram.

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