Reviewing under review…

“Where do we go from here?”

As you are probably aware, most theatres have closed and cancelled performances until late April in light of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. For a website like this which is now mostly made up of theatre reviews (although I do plan on creating more content on here going forward), I can expect things to be a little quiet for the next few weeks or so, reviewing-wise.

Then again, as our incredible UK theatre community always does, it’s pushing through these uncertain times. In a move to fundraise, some individuals and theatres have placed productions online, for free, for a limited time only. The Edinburgh Fringe version of Teddy Lamb’s Since U Been Gone, which I was very fortunate to catch at the Vault Festival last month, is amongst them, as is Eugenius, for which a recording goes live on Facebook later this evening.

As shows are released online, I can certainly see a way forward for theatre reviews. I’ve already been asked to review one online production, and before theatres closed on Monday, I was eyeing up a review of the Royal Court’s Cyprus Avenue, which is available online next Friday.

So keep an eye out over the coming weeks, as special ‘online reviews’ of theatre shows go up here at

Stay tuned, stay safe, stay healthy.

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