Interview: Deaf actress Nadia Nadarajah talks ‘Midnight Movie’ at the Royal Court Theatre

The As You Like It and Going Through star will be performing in Eve Leigh’s latest play in the Jerwood Theatre Upstairs.

Nadia will join Tom Penn (Orpheus) in the production, which will look at ‘the digital body’ and being “Extremely Online”.

Midnight Movie is a world premiere for Leigh, whose previous works include both Stone Face and Silent Planet at the Finborough Theatre, and The Trick at the Bush Theatre.

Rachel Bagshaw (The Shape of the Pain) directs the show, which combines spoken English, British Sign Language (BSL), captions and live drumming. All performances will also be in a relaxed environment.

Meanwhile, a digital experience will be made available for those unable to make it to the theatre.

‘The Digital Body’, created by those behind the play, will include audio-visual content, essays and scary stories sent to those who sign up to digital letters online.

The first letter will be sent out to people registered during the show’s run.

Speaking during a break in rehearsals, Nadia said it’s been a “very, very unique rehearsal space” that the company has been in.

“This play is fantastic because the language that’s used in the play and the script is very abstract,” she said.

The full interview can be viewed with voiceover and captions below, or on YouTube.

Tickets can be purchased online at the Royal Court Theatre’s website, with an access rate also available.

Midnight Movie will be playing at the Royal Court Theatre from 27 November until 21 December.

Featured Image: Helen Murray.

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