The French DJ makes a long-awaited return with the smooth electronic funk single All My Friends.

If there’s one person who can bring back the electro-funk phase brought about by the likes of Calvin Harris and Whethan last year, then it’s the 25-year-old French DJ Madeon, who returns with his first solo single in over four years.

All My Friends, while channeling the synthesised vocals of Beings and Zephyr and the plucky sounds of Icarus and For You, also sees the producer (real name Hugo Leclercq) pursue more stripped-back hooks. The punchy chords of the artist’s debut album Adventure are replaced with a minimalistic and groovy bassline. “It’s the kind of music I hoped I would make someday,” Leclercq writes on Twitter.

Expected to be the lead single from an album titled Good Faith, the producer’s enigmatic approach to lyrics create another brand new world for listeners to dive into. “All my friends are watching, I can hear them talking,” the protagonist sings. In another line – arguably one of the most poetic – these very same friends have “been making messes out of silence”. Alongside the lyrics, a teaser video promoting the track’s vinyl debut hints at what more is to come, with posters on the wall referencing a group known as “The Architects”.

All My Friends, as all lead singles should, raises questions about what we can expect from the DJ’s new release, but in Madeon’s case – like a good novel – we’re left wanting to know more about the new narrative Leclercq has created.

“I’ve missed you,” Madeon writes of his return. We’ve missed you too, Hugo.

All My Friends, the first single from Madeon’s upcoming sophomore album, is available to stream and download now.