Four years after their sophomore record Beneath the Skin, the Icelandic rock group are back with Alligator – a snappy, anthemic track from their upcoming third album.

“I see colour, raining down,” sings co-vocalist Nanna Bryndis Hilmarsdóttir in the song’s opening verse. With a new, brighter aesthetic and a vibrant music video to boot, Of Monsters and Men’s lucid imagery is quite the departure from their gloomy and monochromatic second album.

Untamed, Alligator sees hard-hitting drums lurch from steady pacing to scattered tom rhythms alongside gritty guitar. Co-produced by Rich Costey – who has previously worked with the likes of Muse and Chvrches – the influences are bold and striking.

While perhaps more loud and impactful than previous singles, OMAM’s lyrics remain as imaginative and otherworldly as ever, with Nanna writing about “fever dreaming” (a more plausible name for the record) and 22 women stood by a bank crying.

For a song named Alligator, there’s little to no reference to the reptile in the three-minute track, but that doesn’t stop Of Monsters and Men making a powerful and hard-hitting comeback.

Alligator is available to stream and download now.