Jax Jones and Martin Solveig’s new collaborative project Europa launches with the punchy party hit All Day And Night.

“Europa is club-focused pop music and pop-focused club music,” a press release reads, announcing the pair’s new musical venture as they “investigate musical avenues they’d never explore on their own”.

Yet when one listens to their strong debut All Day And Night – and ignores the striking, nostalgic throwback to Faithless’ Insomnia in the main melody – it feels more like an extension of Jones’ current style than something completely new from the pair of them.

It opens with a bouncy and jumpy chord progression reminiscent of Jax’s hits Breathe and You Don’t Know Me than a traditional Solveig bassline. Madison Beer, who has previously featured on electronic tracks by David Guetta and Mako, provides the necessary soul for the hard-hitting single.

If there’s one section where Solveig’s influence truly shines through then it is the bridge, where gentle piano chords comfortably complement Beer’s vocals. With more music promised by the “superband”, an even greater swing towards Europop could be the way for Martin’s bass to have more of a central feature.

The future direction of this latest musical project is also hinted with its songwriters. Hitmaker Hailee Steinfeld and dance music veteran Becky Hill join Camille Purcell (behind hits by Sigma and Little Mix) on this track, with all three having experience on a more mainstream sound.

In essence, it seems Europa are indeed a “genre-agnostic” duo, keen to take on a challenge and strike the difficult balance between the popular and the underground.

All Day And Night succeeds at showing potential, but only a larger catalogue of music will reveal how well the pair navigate what is a very fine line.

All Day And Night is available to stream and download now.