More an extension of the Gameshow era than a fresh standalone, the Irish trio return with more funky synth-pop in Talk.

Whatever their new sound is, Two Door Cinema Club have really embraced it. Early teasers for their new track Talk saw members Alex Trimble, Sam Halliday and Kevin Baird sport finely combed bobs, beards and sideburns. The song itself a zany combination of The BeeGees and Jamiroquai.

With lyrics as enigmatic as their branding, Talk is clearly a push towards a vibrant, fast-paced electro that was lacking on Gameshow. In fact, it’s not too far removed from Je Viens De La from their last album, with the same pressing tempo with bursts of electronica.

The slight distinction this time around however is Trimble’s falsetto, which now feels more concrete. What was a bold introduction on Gameshow has become a confident vocal style on Talk, and most likely whatever follows next.

Talk is available to stream and download now.