The melody of Midnight Kids’ Serious meets the choppy synth of Tritonal’s Easy in the duo’s euphoric take on Gryffin and Ivy Adara’s Bye Bye.

Striking a balance between freshness and familiarity is the main challenge facing any remixer, and for Dylan Lee and Kyle Girard (otherwise known as Midnight Kids), their version of Gryffin’s Bye Bye may sound reminiscent of recent EDM hits.

Essentially Serious 2.0 – the pair’s most recent hit with serial hitmaker Matthew Koma – merged with Gryffin’s chill hit, it would be easy to dismiss Midnight Kids’ remix as hardly transformative. Yet with the original being a stripped-back electronic track – with only a drum and bass heavy drop at its core – there’s certainly a lot of aspects for the talented remixers to mess around with.

Most notably of course is the main melody. A snappy, pulsing beat is hazier in nature. A previously rigid and basic structure is now more expressive and vibrant – the verses now coming with a pronounced tempo guiding towards the chorus. Elsewhere, save for a vocal effect at the end of the track, Adara’s powerful voice remains the same.

Building upon the steady tone of the original, Midnight Kids inject energy and jubilation into Gryffin’s chill breakup song, turning Bye Bye from emotional to beautifully euphoric, as per.

Bye Bye (Midnight Kids Remix) is available to stream and download now.