Chilled Mako-style electronica mixes with Bonn’s Chris Martin-like vocals on Martin Garrix’s brand new collaboration, No Sleep.

The pair, who previously joined forces on the track High on Life, explore a tamer, quieter tone this time around – the chorus and its build-up less intensive than their last work together.

Bonn’s vocals also strike up a different feel, sounding a lot tighter than the stretched out notes of High on Life. Reminiscent of the Coldplay frontman, the artist’s performance is soft and precise, cleverly experimenting with lyrical flow in the pre-chorus.

Throughout the three minutes and 27 seconds, there’s a sense of a rigid and basic structure – not least in terms of the main melody – but it’s the little artistic flairs which make it. As a track, there’s no denying that it’s your typical electronic or Martín Garrix song, complete with the typical progressions. Yet, while previous Garrix hits have been loud and expressive, No Sleep demonstrates the creativity that can come from a more minimalistic approach.

No Sleep is available to stream and download now.