Gryffin and Ivy Adara’s breakup song gets a beautiful and emotional retelling in a new stripped-back acoustic session.

Acoustic sessions are the place for strong vocals and vibrant melodies, and Bye Bye – taken from Part I of electronic producer Gryffin’s debut album Gravity has both in abundance. One of the more relaxed and lighter songs from the record, it’s no surprise that a sad song about a flawed romance sounds so powerful with just a guitar and Adara’s soul.

With the occasional vocal flair from Ivy and expressive strings throughout, this new version sounds so much more impactful as a step away from the feel-good party vibes of the original.

The first of what appears to be a series of acoustic takes on previous releases, other tracks from Gravity pose more of a challenge when it comes to a stripped-back makeover. Yet it will no doubt be revealing – both of the vocalist and Gryffin’s talents – when the song is an impressive continuation of Gryffin’s back catalogue, satisfying fans as they eagerly anticipate the release of Part II of Gravity.