The pop-rock nature of the third single from the band’s upcoming album amo has divided lifelong fans – some hoping for a return to a more deathcore sound – but medicine retains the traditional aggression of Bring Me The Horizon, whilst also exploring new ground.

“Some people are a lot like clouds, you know,” lead singer Oli Sykes utters softly in the rock group’s latest release. “‘Cause life’s so much brighter when they go.” It’s the usual harsh and metaphorical lyricism one would expect on a typical rock ballad, and it’s a tone not at all diminished by the fact that it’s a track more poppy in nature.

Although following the usual rigid structure of popular music, medicine is fun and experimental (as is the trippy music video which accompanies it), with an equally tight and creative pacing interlaced with subtle but gripping guitar melodies. Incredibly visual lyrics feel fresh, original and imaginative as their flow and sharp delivery by Sykes fluctuates throughout. Alternating seamlessly between explosive rock and chill, minimalistic pre-choruses and bridges, Bring Me The Horizon’s medicine dives into poprock with inventive, gritty bravado.