A ‘Bandersnatch’ Themed Shop Has Appeared At Old Street Tube Station

The store’s appearance comes just days after the Black Mirror ‘choose your own adventure’ film Bandersnatch was released on Netflix.

The pop-up shop, named Tucker’s Newsagents and Games, was first set up on 31 December, with signage displaying the ‘white bear’ logo commonly associated with the franchise.

Tucker’s Newsagents and Games first appeared at Old Street tube station on New Year’s Eve. Photo: Liam O’Dell.

Meanwhile, the interior resembles a vintage record store, with displays referencing Bandersnatch and previous Black Mirror episodes.

The newsagent has also displayed the sign ‘be right back’ on its door – a slogan commonly used to promote the programme.

The appearance of the shop isn’t the first time that Black Mirror themed advertising has appeared at the station.

In January last year, billboard advertisements appeared across the tube stop to promote the recent series of Charlie Brooker’s hit show.

Graeme Craig, Director of Commercial Development at Transport for London, said: “Experiential advertising like this is a fun way to bring a brand to life and complements traditional advertising campaigns on our network.

“It generates vital income to reinvest into modernising the transport network for our customers and hopefully adds some excitement to people’s journeys as they travel through Old Street Tube station.”

The installation will run at the station until 13 January 2019.

Updated: 3 January 2019 – 5:53pm


    1. Oh, absolutely. I’ve been catching up on the new series on Netflix and they’re brilliant. I need to rewatch the old episodes, though, as I watched them without fully knowing what the show’s about!


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