After a string of hits with female vocalists, American DJ Gryffin teams up with up-and-coming male singer Stanaj to complete the tracklist for Part I of his debut album, Gravity.

For the most part, the first half of the record are the greatest hits. Previous album singles Tie Me Down, Remember and Bye Bye make an appearance alongside older hits Nobody Compares to You and Just For A Moment. Only one song is unheard of, and that’s Stanaj’s collaboration on the track, You Remind Me.

While other tracks follow Gryffin’s traditional production style, the final song on the record is a significant detour. Hazy synths are replaced with a guitar melody which gives the track a slight country-like Avicii feel.

Stanaj too sounds familiar on You Remind Me, with a vocal style similar to Dewain Whitmore on Martín Garrix and Justin Mylo’s Burn Out. It may have nods to previous dance hits from other artists, but as a Gryffin track, it’s a big step away from what we’ve heard before.

Such is to be expected on a release full of old songs. The pressure falls on any new tracks to offer a sense of new direction, and an artist’s wider talent. You Remind Me does not fail on those points, and is in fact a unique addition to the producer’s catalogue. The only problem is that on an album of greatest hits, it’ll likely take a bit of listening time before this latest track rises to the same levels of popularity as other Gryffin anthems.

You Remind Me is taken from Gryffin’s debut album, Gravity. Part I is available now.