You’d be forgiven for thinking that Gryffin’s latest single sounds familiar. Continuing to tap into talented, up-and-coming female singers (this time the soft and delicate sounds of Ivy Adara) and steady trap beat drops, the producer’s new release Bye Bye has some striking similarities to pre-album smash with Iselin, Just For A Moment.

The DJ’s previous single Remember was a bold break away from the slow rhythm of past releases, swapping relaxed, hazy melodies for deep, thudding synth. Meanwhile, Bye Bye is a return to familiar ground.

It may not offer much that’s new in terms of chords and structure, but it creates room to experiment with pacing and lyrics on top of the foundations of a traditional Gryffin track – the components of which are becoming more apparent as we move towards the release of his debut album in the coming months.

Bye Bye is available to stream and download now.