Sam Smith adds a wonderful jazzy dimension to Harris’ new funk sound on their track, Promises.

Sam Smith’s fuzzy, lower vocal range is an interesting rarity in his music when a softer, clearer and high-pitched sound is often at the forefront. Yet on his latest venture in the world of EDM – this time joining forces with veteran hit maker Calvin Harris – this particular style is centre-stage, and the results are fresh, smooth and razor-sharp.

There’s an American jazz production to the track with bouncy drum beats, short piano stabs and pulsing bass – a combination which soon allows for a more traditional, albeit chilled, EDM track to come through. It’s a sound far removed from the loud, punchy sounds of Summer and How Deep Is Your Love, but continues the Funk Wav Bounces era in a refreshing way.

As for Smith, the Money On My Mind singer further proves his competency when it comes to performing on dance tracks, except this time there’s more variety in his vocal range. What’s particularly impressive is the bridge to the track, where high notes, aided with a little bit of bass, come with a degree of warmth which really solidifies the track as a cosy, relaxed listen.

Hot off the heels of his hit One Kiss with Dua Lipa, Harris develops his new, stripped-back sound, moving from funk to jazz and showcasing a new vocal side to Sam Smith in the process.