There was just enough time for The Killers to squeeze out one last single before the release of their sixth studio album, Wonderful Wonderful, this time next week, and it’s certainly a move away from the rockish grit heard on previous tracks such as The Man and Run for Cover. Now, with a little inspiration from English artist Brian Eno, Flowers and the rest of the band take a step back for a more reflective sound.

Like Madeon meets The xx, it’s a heavily atmospheric song throughout, complete with haunting synths, soft vocals from Flowers, light bass and a constrained drum beat. On top of this, with the frontman revealing to Rolling Stone that the song is about his wife, it brings a whole new sense of emotiveness to lines the outro: ‘Can’t do this alone/We need you at home/There’s so much to see/We know that you’re strong’.

When outside the realm of Wonderful Wonderful, one imagines that this would make for an interesting break from the traditional rock tracks which appear on the band’s tour setlist. As The Killers prepare for their UK tour in November, it’s without a doubt that Flowers and co. will bring out some tracks from the new release, and here’s hoping that Some Kind of Love gets a play.

After all, with a slow tempo and a moving message at its core, it would certainly make for a great ‘phones in the air’ track in between the rockier tracks from the new album and previous records. Whilst The Killers have always been known for their rough American rock, Some Kind of Love shows further adaptability from the band behind Mr Brightside, as well as supporting Flowers’ earlier comments to NME that Wonderful Wonderful will be a very personal release.