It was earlier this month that Avicii returned to the music industry with his six-track EP, AVĪCI (01), with Without You being the lead single on the release. Yet, whilst it carries the traditional Tim Bergling sound, there’s a sense of blandness to the song, with a stripped back chorus which lacks a certain something. Instead, for those in pursuit of a different take on the country-house vibe, Friend of Mine (feat. Vargas and Lagola) offers a groovy alternative.

After all, it’s a pretty simplistic song, complete with straightforward lyrics and an upbeat guitar. What gives the track the edge are the soulful vocals from Vargas and Lagola and a saxophone-sounding main melody. As mentioned previously, Without You – although a classic Avicii track – lacks a punchy electronic tune, but this can be found here, flowing around a steady drum beat and adding some excitement in amongst the tamer verses. Funky and colourful, it’s another strong song from the Swedish DJ’s latest EP.