Obsession is a collaboration between two artists I’ve yet to listen to (although I have heard of Jon Bellion before). As a song by Marshmello finished on Spotify, the streaming service was quick to suggest another song that I might enjoy, and it was right. High-pitched vocals combine with clear, bouncy synths in this dance track that sounds all too familiar.

It’s familiar in the sense that straight away, the opening synth sounds reminiscent of Iggy Azalea’s Fancy, whilst the chorus – as some commenters on the above YouTube have claimed – has hints of NEIKED’s Sexual. However, this song is lucky enough to not be shoved under the typical ‘dance’ or ‘club’ genre, and that is thanks to Jon Bellion’s vocals.

A soft, smooth voice guides us through the verses, but it is, of course, the chorus where the emphasis is placed. Bellion’s whining taps in to the groovy, lazy and laid-back style of this song, offering something different at a time where dance and pop all sounds too similar.