After his number two hit with Jonas Blue, it’s no surprise that JP Cooper’s follow-up single continues the laid-back vibe which made Perfect Strangers such a successful release. With minimalistic instrumentals (including bouncy, marimba-sounding synths and intricate guitar plucking), it fits into the textbook tropical house whilst allowing for some blissful originality.

After all, with Jonas Blue’s electronica somewhat interfering with JP Cooper’s vocals on Perfect Strangers, there wasn’t much of an opportunity for listeners to hear much of Cooper’s raw voice. Thankfully, with September Song‘s melody being saved for the chorus, the calming verses really enable the singer to show off his unique soul.

With the occasional high note alongside fuzzy, humming tones, JP is free from the restraints that come with a featured artist slot on a dance track. Cooper sticks to familiar ground on this single, introducing listeners to his unique sound, and it will be interesting to see which direction the singer takes his music next.

It may not be September, but JP Cooper’s latest release is the perfect chilled song to listen to on a February evening, or in the middle of summer.