Last year was a great year for the DJ duo The Chainsmokers. Their awkward 2014 hit #Selfie has been forgotten and now fans know Drew Taggart and Alex Pall for the tracks Closer and Don’t Let Me Down. 2016 was a year for the artists to develop their dance style – with unique fuzzy synths and vocalists lending themselves to every single the DJs released. Now, 2017 starts with Paris, a track which sees them cement the best bits from their success as they decide the next avenue they wish to take with their music.

It’s clear that the success of Closer had some part to play in the sound of Paris, as the track sees the abandonment of a featured artist and a return to the chill, hazy vocals we see on the former single. Yet, whilst the song does see elements unique to The Chainsmokers’ musical style, there’s that 1975 coastal guitar vibe in the melody which makes you wonder if you’re listening to a variant of Settle Down.

Once again, the vocal rhythm and lyrics are bizarre, but thankfully a repetitive chorus prevents us from worrying too much about learning the words to this top 10 single. Paris is a laid-back single which stands out from the duo’s previous dance releases and may not appear at live performances (unless as the ‘wave your phones in the air’, emotive, mid-show song). It may be described as Closer Part Two, with the poppy coastal vibe being the only thing setting the two songs apart, but there’s no doubt that this will be another successful single for the DJ duo to add to their long list of hits. Paris is the perfect, relaxed track for those not so keen on summer anthems just yet.