As the winter season comes to a close, it feels weird to look ahead to summer. Yet, for DJs keen to release the next big anthem, their focus has always been on that time of the year. If they can create a track which dominates the charts from June to August, then they tend to self-proclaim that they created the ‘summer smash’ of the year. Marshmello is one artist doing this, but with their track Run for Your Life, Mako is another artist keen to keep the party spirit alive.

Nostalgia and euphoria are two feelings Alex Seaver and Logan Light are always keen to create in their music. With somewhat mellow verses leading to a loud synth melody, it’s a build-up of emotions we hear on Run for Your Life too.

This time, it’s the turn of Natalola to provide the sassy, grumbling and almost Rihanna-sounding vocals. It’s a style of singing which fits perfectly into the bouncy, upbeat and tropical feel of the song.

Then, in terms of the chorus itself, we hear a group of rhythmic and fluttering melodies which create an emotive tune to relax to – be it the hazy synth chords at the forefront of the chorus, or the fluctuating high notes played every once in a while.

Granted, it’s a laid-back type of electronica which is more suited to chilled environments, as opposed to the clubs or dance floors, but it succeeds at being a great song to play in the background as you relax at home. It’s the mix of laid-back vocals and euphoric synths which Mako gets right every time.