There’s always something interesting about DJs collaborating with artists who aren’t fellow producers or pop singers. The task of creating a song which feels like familiar ground for the featured band or musician whilst incorporating electronic dance elements can be quite the challenge. In the case of Something Better, American DJ Audien teams up with the country trio Lady Antebellum to create a track with the band’s soft vocals and a groovy electronic melody.

With Scott, Kelley and Haywood all possessing a relaxed, calm vocal style, there’s a big opportunity in the track’s verses for Audien to experiment with the underlying instruments. In the first verse, we hear gentle synth chords, whilst the second verse involves synths which are more trickling in nature. In both cases, a light drum beat allows the song to move seamlessly into the chorus – one with a bouncy rhythm and a groovy electronic guitar effect.

Here is where Audien is truly able to show off his talents as a musician. The chorus adopts an electronic style which fits perfectly alongside Lady Antebellum’s vocals, whilst still creating a sense of euphoria which successful dance songs can establish. This winning combination of vocals and instrumentals is also shown in the final minute of the track, as the lyrics are combined with the electronic melody we hear in the first two choruses. In a final nod to Lady Antebellum’s original country style, the single ends with an acoustic guitar riff establishing a soothing, mellow tone – creating the right balance between the band and the DJ’s contrasting genres.