There’s something mesmerising about Steve Aoki’s melodies. Whether it’s a cover of an American Authors track which makes us forget we’re watching an advert, or a bouncy, calypso track with One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson, which was released last week.

It seems as though 2016 hadn’t finished with the off-beat dance genre after DJs such as Kygo, The Chainsmokers and DJ Snake all jumped on the tropical bandwagon. Thankfully, this track is devoid of uniformity, as we hear a more messier, hazy synth melody.

As for Louis Tomlinson, the 1D singer’s soft style works well with the simplistic verses, before his soulful side shows in an anthemic chorus with catchy and memorable lyrics.

Whilst more people may start listening to Steve Aoki thanks to the Shell advert and this advert, Louis’ success comes with being a One Direction band member with a number one debut single.

Currently that title only belongs to Zayn Malik, with his track Pillowtalk. Niall Horan’s folk-sounding This Town only managed a No.9 spot, and now fans wait for remaining members Liam Payne and Harry Styles to launch their solo careers.

It’s a hiatus which certainly shocked and split the fanbase. One Direction fans will have to pick a band member or support all of them, as fan favourites start to emerge. Louis was right to debut with an electronic track, given how popular the dance scene has been this year.

Now, we wait for Harry and Liam.