Of course, Use Somebody was the defining song for Kings of Leon, when pulsing bass, chanting vocals and pounding drums set their style in stone. Now, back on the scene with Waste A Moment, the band return with their traditional tone, but with new energy and passion.

Aside from a chorus which sounds rather similar to Biffy Clyro’s Many of Horror (or Matt Cardle’s cover version, When We Collide), the song does sound rather ‘samey’. Whilst it’s great that they are sticking to a style for so long, they could try something different to try and stand out in the over-concentrated alternative music industry we have at the moment. Waste A Moment is great, but it sounds like a song from a soundtrack to a FIFA game. The energy and enthusiasm is there, which is great and what makes this song successful, but I feel like there could be something more. Perhaps some high-pitched lyrics, I’m not too sure.

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