Aside from beautifully soft vocals and harmonies we’ve never heard before, Frances’ impressive collection of songs give listeners a choice between singing the chorus wholeheartedly, or having a cathartic cry at the emotive nature of the lyrics. Under Our Feet is the latest track from the BRIT Award nominee which follows this pattern, whilst offering fans a glimpse at her upcoming debut album, Things I’ve Never Said.

Once again, emphasis is placed on Frances’ vocals from the start. It’s a stylistic decision which we also see in Don’t Worry About Me, too, except this time, it’s not long before the song flourishes further.
We see a drum rhythm of a more chilled nature, in contrast to the more vibrant, pounding tempos we hear in singles such as Say it Again and Borrowed Time. It’s a song for reflection – a sombre interlude amongst the more fast-paced tracks.

As excitement builds for Things I’ve Never Said, singles released before an album are crucial – offering fans an insight into the overall tone of a record. Under Our Feet is an exciting tease at what’s to come, showing listeners that we’ll continue to hear more of Frances’ unique vocal style alongside songs with different tones and emotions at their core. My only hope for the upcoming release is that we see an album which balances emotive vocal solos (such as Don’t Worry About Me, which brilliantly demonstrates the power of her voice) with the more upbeat, poppy tracks (like Borrowed Time and Say It Again). However, with an impressive, varied and wide range of singles already under her belt, there’s no doubt that a lot of people will be watching closely to see what the singer has up her sleeve next.

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