Seeb have made a name for themselves. After two hit remixes – I Took A Pill in Ibiza and Hymn for the Weekend – the time has come for the duo to release their own original single in the form of What Do You Love.

Adopting a slower tempo, Seeb’s new single is a smooth track to listen to alone, as opposed to a party hit to play to friends. Joseph Banks’ vocals also prove this, with a brand of soul similar to the style we hear in Sigma’s Redemption.

Once again, Seeb know how to build-up to a drop, with instruments being introduced over time. We hear the soft, bouncy synth at first alongside a clapping beat, before a drum beat is introduced. The end result is a chorus which places emphasis on both Banks’ vocals and the almost jazzy synth melody underneath it. The chemistry between these two elements of the song is what leads to this single being a unique addition to Seeb’s list of hits.

Granted, What Do You Love may not be similar to I Took A Pill in Ibiza, but their unique bubbly synth style returns to create a more laid-back, euphoric single.

What do you think of What Do You Love? Do you like their original tracks, or prefer their remixes? Comment below!