Gameshow is two days away, and Two Door Cinema Club have intrigued fans with singles which span various musical genres. The band’s three-year absence has both allowed and forced them to adapt their style. Their third album clearly has a darker tone at its core – whether it be masked behind Bad Decisions‘ poppy falsetto or through the gloomy electronica of Are We Ready? (Wreck). The Irish trio have moved away from the upbeat, vibrant style we hear in Tourist History, but not completely. For the fans who will inevitably moan about the band’s new direction, or for those who miss their old songs, Ordinary may just be the track for them.

With vocal melodies reminiscent of Handshake, the final single to be taken from Gameshow is a reassuring one for those who prefer TDCC’s fuzzy guitar and bass riffs – complete with a bouncy drum beat – right at the forefront of the song.  That being said, the electronic undertones is something present in the band’s most recent releases. It’s a track which fuses Two Door Cinema Club’s new direction with their past work. It’s the perfect middle ground.

Once again, like Bad Decisions, we hear a more falsetto and high-pitched voice from Alex. It’s a risk which pulled off for the lead singer, and in terms of instrumental developments, we still hear the catchy, flourishing guitar tunes which the band are known for, but in tracks such as Gameshow and Are We Ready? (Wreck) there’s a slightly eerie, electronic and gritty style.

Ordinary is a single which bridges the gap between old and new for Two Door Cinema Club. If there’s more of these types of tracks on the album, then fans uncertain about the wide ground which Gameshow appears to be covering in terms of genres may be satisfied. However, I’m not one of these people. From the sound of things, Two Door Cinema Club’s new release is going to be wonderfully intriguing, inventive and diverse. It’s certainly an album worth listening to when it comes out this Friday.

Whilst their first three singles are an exciting look at what’s to come, Ordinary is a refreshing look back at the band’s earlier work, which still lives on.

What do you think of Ordinary? Are you looking forward to Gameshow? Do you like their new direction? Comment below!