It was Glastonbury 2015. A time had come when there was no one in particular whom I wanted to see. Fortunately, with Glastonbury and its many stages, there’s always the chance that you’ll find something which takes your fancy. For me, it was Frank Turner, who was performing on The Other Stage.

I was there for the last few songs of his set, and chose to see him due to a recommendation from a friend. It was a great decision, as he really does entertain a crowd. I left determined to check out more of his songs when I got home, but unfortunately, I forgot my favourite track of all – The Way I Tend To Be. Well, that is until I heard it whilst working at Siren FM, and I rediscovered Frank Turner’s music all over again.

It was the soul that comes from the song’s chorus which really drew me to The Way I Tend To Be, and it was something I remember Frank using during his Glastonbury set to get the crowd. It’s this, alongside Turner’s raspy, emotive vocals which really bring out this section of the song.

The drum beat is bouncy and fluid, with the occasional, flourishing fill which adds further emotion on an instrumental level. Similarly, the underlying bass is soothing and relaxed, in contrast to the vibrant, upbeat lutes.

The way in which The Way I Tend To Be is so clear in the emotions it’s trying to convey is what makes this song so successful. It’s chant-like chorus complete with powerful vocals and catchy lyrics leads to a track which is a wonderfully refreshing listen.

What do you think of The Way I Tend To Be? Are you a fan of Frank Turner? Do you have any more songs of his to recommend? Comment below!