After 13 years, a band which was part of a lot of people’s childhoods returned. Busted released Coming Home worldwide in May this year, thanking those who stuck with them for such a long time. Yet, the surprise single – which adopted a more electronic feel – didn’t resonate so well with fans of the trio’s original pop-rock style. Now, have announced a new album, Night Driver, and have released their latest single – On What You’re On.

It’s clear that Busted are taking a completely different direction with their new music. If their plan is to make music reflective of the current music scene, then moving towards pop funk is the right move to make, but at what cost? Whilst fans have to appreciate bands exploring new ground (almost every band does this at some point), it’s going to be hard for people to say goodbye to their memories of the pop-rock band, who have now said farewell to their past and have adopted a more funk-like style.

Perhaps Coming Home was the single which ended Busted’s time as a pop-rock band. What’s not to say that On What You’re On is the release that kickstarts the trio’s evolution into a funk trio?

The new track is definitely well-produced, with a funky bass riff and trumpet solo. However, if this is Busted’s attempt to ride on the success of funk bands such as DNCE, then they risk losing the strong fanbase they used to have and won’t make the comeback they need after thirteen years of silence.

What do you think of On What You’re On? Do you think Busted should return to their pop-rock style of the past, or do you like the new direction they’ve taken? Comment below!