It’s an album which continues to sound unpredictable with each single that Two Door Cinema Club releases. Are We Ready? (Wreck) was more electronic in nature, Bad Decisions was a vibrant nod to the funk genre, and now, Gameshow adopts a rougher, gritty feel, which only teases fans desperate to know what the band’s eagerly anticipated third album sounds like.

The only thing we know about Gameshow (the album, that is) is that it takes a much darker turn. Aside from the haunting tone of previous releases, the music videos tell bizarre stories. Are We Ready pokes fun at commercialism whilst the lead singer, Alex, peels his face off. Meanwhile, Bad Decisions‘ weird cartoons are almost completely nonsensical, resembling a crazy hallucination.

Gameshow adds to this nature with guitar riffs you’d normally hear on a Kings of Leon or Kasabian track. It’s the hazy instruments and whiny backing vocals which really compares to the previous two singles that were more upbeat in style. It’s pretty obvious, but this song certainly isn’t upbeat like Sun or What You Know.

Each track from Two Door Cinema Club’s upcoming album appears to be completely different in style. It’s surprising, interesting, but it does mean that fans may take a while to get used to the constant change in genres.

Gameshow is growing on me slowly, but I hope my love for the track will grow when I see how it fits in what seems to be a very intriguing album.

What do you think of Gameshow? Do you like the direction in which Two Door Cinema Club are heading? What do you think of their new style? Comment below!