The drive home from work always offers some amazing music to listen to. Radio 1 is often the station of choice, and one day I came across this track by LANY. yeah, babe, no way is this week’s Musical Discovery.

With opening vocals reminiscent of Jack Garratt’s Worry, there’s something smooth and comforting about this song. The simplistic but fluid drum beat, alongside the plucky guitar riffs capture the seaside vibe which bands such as Circa Waves (with T-Shirt Weather) and The 1975 (with Chocolate) have succeeded in doing previously.

There’s also an interesting contrast in the track which brings it to life. Whilst the verses are soft, almost like a whisper, we hear louder, emotional vocals in the chorus. There’s even an atmospheric guitar solo towards the end of the song, which certainly adds to the summery feel of the track.

LANY (which stands for Los Angeles New York) tap into a heavily concentrated genre for this alternative feel-good track for the summer just gone, but as with most bands, the vocalist – in this case, Paul Klein – is what makes the band stand out. Whilst we may be in September now, yea, babe, no way is still worth listening to today.

What do you think of yea, babe, no way? Have you heard of LANY before? Comment below!