As I waited eagerly for Elephante’s debut EP, I am the Elephante, to be released, I searched the DJ’s long list of remixes and singles to see if there was anything I missed or might enjoy. I first discovered the artist through his remixes, after all, and after looking for a while, I found this. Smoke Filled Room by Mako (Elephante Remix) is this week’s Musical Discovery.

I had already heard of Mako before I discovered this remix. Dannic’s radio mix of Beam is a track I stumbled upon a while back, and little did I know that the duo appeared on Children of the Wild with Steve Angello. However, I had not heard of Smoke Filled Room before Elephante’s remix and it’s great that I can now check out the original. Thanks to Elephante (real name Tim Wu), I have discovered new artists such as Penguin Prison and new tracks from people such as Galantis.

What happens next is another reason why I respect Wu’s style of remixing. As I track down and listen to the original, I notice that they are rather similar. However, that’s not a bad thing. Elephante’s remixes accentuate the best aspects of a song whilst making small improvements here and there to create a reinvented feel to the track. This is something which is very clear in this version of Smoke Filled Room.

The fluttering and trickling melody at the centre remains the same, but with a more fuzzy style. The real difference comes with the DJ injecting a bit more life into the verses, with mellow synth melodies underneath the vocals. Whilst the original is atmospheric in the sense that the soft vocals create a more laid-back dance track, Elephante’s remix remains delicate, but manages to capture new emotion and passion in the vocals and melody which may not have come to light fully in the original. Smoke Filled Room is another impressive remix from Elephante, which demonstrates his talents as a DJ to really showcase a song’s full potential.

What do you think of Smoke Filled Room? Do you think it’s better than the original? Comment below!