Craig David and Sigala are two artists at the forefront of the dance genre. Sigala offered a refreshing take on tropical house, whilst Craig David has returned to the music scene with a new garage vibe. Both of them now dominate the charts with their original styles, but what happens when they join forces to create a new single? Ain’t Giving Up is the end result.

It’s a voice which has seen Craig David move seamlessly between genres, and now tropical house is another category of music which the musician can add to his list. Smooth, fluttering vocals combine with Sigala’s usual upbeat piano chords and plucky synth melodies to form a track which is both unique and continues the Easy Love DJ’s style.

Ain’t Giving Up is the latest release which demonstrates that Sigala (real name Bruce Fielder) is broadening his horizons as a musician. His debut single – which sampled The Jackson 5’s ABC – highlighted his ability to sample and remix music. After that, Sweet Lovin allowed the artist to develop his original brand of tropical house, whilst Say You Do and Don’t Need No Money were his first two collaborations with fellow DJs. Much like how Give Me Your Love was a chance for Sigala to explore the funk genre, Ain’t Giving Up was another opportunity for the DJ to mess around with deep house and garage.

When Fielder joined forces with Blonde, it was the perfect collaboration between the two of them. Unlike Say You Do, where the DJ’s tropical melodies were drowned out by DJ Fresh’s drum-and-bass rhythm, Don’t Need No Money had a clear balance between Sigala and Blonde’s varying styles. This almost 50-50 split is also apparent in this latest release, where we see a nod to Craig David’s distinctive garage.

There have been rumours of an album coming out soon, and with six singles under his belt, fans have seen what this tropical house DJ has to offer. Whilst another release in the future would be welcomed, now we’re all waiting for Sigala’s debut album to be released.

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