Regardless of whether you’re more of a Madeon or Porter Robinson fan, you’ve probably seen the other mentioned online, and heard that a collaboration between the two is something a lot of EDM fans have been waiting ages for. Until now, I’ve only heard of Robinson’s track Language, and little did I know how powerful a collaboration between these two artists could be.

Another surprise for Madeon fans is Hugo’s vocals making a comeback. The 22-year-old’s singing was something listeners were treated to in three tracks from his debut album, Adventure. Taking his first steps as a vocalist in his own music, Leclercq relied on a few special effects to mask his voice. Now, in Shelter, we hear full, flourishing vocals with no distortion. If this is bridging the gap between Adventure and the French DJ’s second album, then fans can expect great things when it is expected to drop in 2017.

After the first listen, you might expect Madeon’s contribution to the song to just involve the vocals, with the main melody sounding more similar to Robinson’s style than Leclercq’s. However, throughout the track we hear soft synth chords, quiet, atmospheric verses and pulsing staccato drum beats in the final chorus which is Madeon’s unique style. Porter Robinson comes in through the main melody, with the unique electronic feel definitely sounding like something from his portfolio of emotional and Japanese-style EDM (which many reviewers have mentioned).

That being said, both of their styles when it comes to electronica are very similar, and so it’s difficult to debate how much of a balanced collaboration Shelter is. Nevertheless, Madeon and Porter Robinson’s shared love of storytelling through music is apparent in this latest single.

What do you think of Shelter? Does it meet your expectations of what a Porter Robinson and Madeon collaboration should sound like? Comment below!