I’ve always been sceptical of remixes. When the original version is something a lot of fans enjoy, seeing the single experimented on by other DJs can worry them. For me, remixes must offer something which is truly transformative, but also preserves the best parts of the original. I suppose something which has led to me becoming disillusioned with remixes is the fact that a lot of artists are keen to turn a song into a club anthem, when it really doesn’t need to be. It doesn’t work for all songs.

So, when I was browsing through Madeon’s releases on Spotify, I found some remixes for Pay No Mind – my favourite track from his debut album, Adventure (and my favourite song of all time, mind). For a long time, I ignored them, but out of desperation for a new Musical Discovery, I decided to give them a listen. Whilst the Yasutaka Nakata ‘CAPSULE’ remix was exactly what I feared in the first place (that it would be turned into a heavy club anthem which didn’t fit with the mood of the original version), Lemaitre’s remix of Pay No Mind is the perfect, upbeat version which does Madeon’s single justice. Their remix of the track is this week’s Musical Discovery.

At first, I mistook the track’s opening to be the same as the original. However, whilst it still has the blossoming note at the start, the bouncy drum beat which accompanies this is bouncy, upbeat, and sets the tone for the remix. In particular, this rhythm fits in perfectly with the lyrics in a way which is simply brilliant.

After this, we see the plucky, trickling melody alongside the jumpy synth chords which run throughout the song. Throughout the track, I was thrilled at all the nods to the original – from the unedited Passion Pit vocals, to the same drum beat and quiet, soft bridge. At the same time, there’s room for improvement. Instead of Madeon’s Daft Punk-style solo in the original, here we see Lemaitre build upon his unique tune before bringing the remix to a satisfying finish.

What do you think of Lemaitre’s remix? Have you heard the original version of Pay No Mind? Comment your thoughts below!