For a long time, I’ve feared that you – the reader – think every song I review as part of this Musical Discovery series is a track which I like. Whilst this is true most of the time, I’ve always wanted to push myself and my writing, and pretending that I like all music (therefore, not being completely honest) isn’t something I want to do.

I say this because today’s Musical Discovery is different. Obviously, I discovered this track over the past seven days (on BBC Radio 1, in fact), but it’s not one I’d be desperate to share to the world and get excited about. Aside from the chorus, most of the track doesn’t really appeal to me. Nevertheless, The Final Song by MØ is today’s Musical Discovery.

My main issue or concern with Final Song is how similar it is to tracks which have already been released – both in terms of the music video and the song itself. For example, when I watched the above video, I couldn’t help but feel like it had a lot of similarities to that of the music video for Turn Back Time by Sub Focus. Then, when it comes to the music, the track’s calypso-style rhythm reminds me of David Guetta’s Euro 2016 track with Zara Larsson, This One’s For You. I also believe MØ’s vocals mimic the whiny, almost American cheerleader style of Charlie XCX, which I’m not really a fan of.

For a song with a driving drum rhythm in the chorus, I think this beat needs to be apparent throughout the track. However, in the verses, we hear MØ’s mellow voice, with only a few backing instruments involved. So, when the bridge (which begins with “So hear me out before you say the night is over“) sees MØ switch into a louder vocal style, this – along with the sudden introduction of a calypso drum beat – can take the listener by surprise.

With an almost tropical feel, Final Song definitely fits into the trends we’re seeing in the music industry at the moment. However, with a track that flickers between soft melodies and a powerful chorus, it can be very confusing to listen to.

What do you think of Final Song by MØ? Do you share the same views as me, or do you like the track? Comment below!