One month after the fast-paced Are We Ready? (Wreck), Two Door Cinema Club have offered us another glimpse at their third debut album, Gameshow. Whilst their first single featured darker guitar riffs and thoughts on consumerism, Bad Decisions still addresses a similar message about today’s society, but this time masked under vibrant, funky bass melodies. It’s certainly something different, and proves that their upcoming album remains wonderfully unpredictable.

Whether you think Bad Decisions sounds like the Scissor Sisters, The BeeGees or The 1975, it’s certainly a nod to the disco funk which everyone loved in the 80s. When Tourist History was arguably their most defining and well-known album – setting in stone their unique bass and guitar riffs – understandably, this new release took some of their fanbase by surprise. However, with a plucky bass running through the whole of this track, Two Door Cinema Club’s traditional style is still apparent – it’s just in a funk track this time.

To be honest, this song took a while to grow on me, as did Are We Ready? (Wreck). But as every track challenges our expectations of a ‘typical’ track from the band, each new release from their third album Gameshow has shown us that the trio are exploring new ground and redefining their music. This is something for fans to welcome and look forward to, rather than criticise.

In fact, the only criticism I have is not about the new style, but the falsetto vocals of Alex Trimble. Of course, it is impressive to see Alex challenge himself when it comes to his singing, but the issue lies with it being hard to decipher the lyrics. Thankfully, sites such as Genius Lyrics are on hand to help. On the whole, as a big fan of both funk and Two Door Cinema Club, I rather like this track.

What do you think of Bad Decisions? It’s certainly a different style, but do you like the direction which Two Door Cinema Club are moving in? Comment below!