So last month, I got the train into London, expecting to share my thoughts in a BBC Music focus group. A few days before, the venue was confirmed as being The Shard, but little did I know that when I entered the lift to the top floor, Rather Be singer Jess Glynne would be waiting to surprise us.

Liam and Jess Glynne
Shortly after the surprise, we were able to grab a quick photo, of course!
Earlier this year, whilst browsing Twitter I came across a call for young people to take part in a focus group. As someone who obviously loves their music, I had to get involved. At first, I was told that I had not been selected, but then a phone call from a BBC staff member a few months later confirmed that there was still an opportunity which I could get involved in. Of course, I said yes.

This then ended up with me visiting The Shard, where we were greeted by other participants and ask to complete a bit of paperwork. After that, small groups of around four people were taken away with a BBC staff member. When I was picked to go with the next group, we were escorted to the nearest lift where we would go up to the top floor.

Whilst waiting, let’s just say that the ‘lift music’ was interesting. Our group noticed the GoPros mounted on the walls, and heard Hold My Hand playing. However, I realised that it wasn’t the studio version – almost an instrumental. It was only when the doors opened that right in front of me was the singer herself, Jess Glynne, standing in front of me.

Whilst waiting for other groups to be surprised by Jess Glynne, we had the chance to take in the beautiful view from The Shard.
The surprise, private performance was organised by BBC Music for a BBC iPlayer/CBBC series called ‘Lift Music‘, where “unsuspecting members of the public step into a lift, completely unaware that when the doors re-open, they’ll be walking in to an exclusive performance by their favourite artist”. Whilst I was able to meet Jess Glynne, other lucky individuals got to meet Craig David and The Vamps.

You can watch the episode in which I appear here. I will also be on CBBC on Thursday 21 July at 8pm.

Once again, I have to say thank you so much to the team at BBC Music who offered me this amazing opportunity. It was great to meet some other fans to have a chat, go up The Shard and of course, meet the wonderful Jess Glynne. It was an amazing day, and now I can tell you all about it.

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