It would be surprising if we didn’t have a euphoric anthem from Alesso this year. In 2014, Heroes (we could be) feat. Tove Lo was a huge hit, and last year Cool (feat. Roy English) was released just in time for the summer. This time, I stumbled across Alesso’s latest release whilst listening to BBC Radio 1.

Whilst I didn’t know that it was a song by Alesso, I definitely knew that it was a traditional electronic dance record. However, although the chorus was memorable and I was singing along by the end (something I’ve never usually been able to do on the first listen), I remember myself longing for an instrumental section or big chorus during I Wanna Know which never really arrived.

Since then, I’ve been able to listen to the song on repeat on Spotify and have come to realise some similarities with this track and Alesso’s previous releases. Whether it’s the plucky, opening guitar melody in Heroes (we could be), the upbeat strings in Sweet Escape or the bubbly piano intro in Cool, Alesso always seems to begin with the main tune and instrument of the song. This time, it’s a Hawaiian-style guitar riff, which is a nice nod to Nico & Vinz’ original samba feel, I think – just look at their big hit, Am I Wrong, for example.

That being said, the duo’s vocals are refreshingly different in this track. Despite the chant-like chorus being similar to Am I Wrong, the verses are soft and relaxed. On my first listen, I complained about the lack of an instrumental, but I must have missed the section towards the end where we hear a brief guitar melody before we return to a verse. As well as this, I think the track doesn’t need a loud, pulsing main tune, when it definitely sounds like a more laid-back track compared to Alesso’s previous releases.

In the year where tropical house is on the rise – with Norwegian DJ Kygo being one of the main musicians part of that movement – Alesso is right to make the move towards more chilled singles, as I Wanna Know will definitely stand out over the summer months.

What do you think of I Wanna Know (feat. Nico & Vinz)? Comment below!