The Magic Gang was a band recommended to me by a friend – which is unusual. It’s not because I don’t usually receive music recommendations from friends (far from it), but a lot of the people I know tend to stick to artists and bands I’ve heard of. For those who don’t know, my music taste is pretty much everything. I love electronic music, but anything which makes it into the UK Top 40 is fine by me – so long as it isn’t rap, hip-hop, heavy metal or ‘screamo’. The Magic Gang are different.

Whilst they may still have the plucky, summery guitar strings which every alternative band seems to be adopting these days, they certainly stand out from the crowd. In particular, their track Jasmine caught my eye (or should I say, ear?), for being distinctive, catchy and upbeat.

It starts with a bouncy drum beat we can all clap along to, before introducing the main guitar melody which also seeps into the vocals. Throughout the song, we also hear the pronounced guitar chord progression during lines such as you’ll be doing fine and starts to fade on me. We’re also treated to a colourful instrumental solo towards the end of the song which really captures the vibrancy of the song. Jasmine is clearly something to be played in the car radio on a bright, sunny day.

The Magic Gang are unlike any other summer band in the sense that they have control. Circa Waves’ T-Shirt Weather, The 1975’s Chocolate and practically anything by Two Door Cinema Club tends to have a moment of soul during the chorus. Whilst that is respectable, it’s about time we had a track which didn’t have a chant-like chorus in an attempt to be memorable. Jasmine is still catchy in terms of its instrumentals, and then in terms of the vocals, they are soft, mellow and relaxed. The chilled vibe is definitely contagious when listening to this track.

If you want a break from the excitement generated by all other ‘summer tracks’, then Jasmine by The Magic Gang may be the song for you.

What do you think of Jasmine? Have you heard of The Magic Gang? Comment below!