It was the lead single from their debut album which launched both Clean Bandit and Jess Glynne into the limelight. Whilst New Eyes went on to be hugely successful, Rather Be defined the unique style of both Clean Bandit and their first album. Now, Tears (feat. Louisa Johnson) has the power to do the exact same thing. In this case, it can kickstart Louisa’s musical career whilst setting the tone for the eagerly-anticipated second album.

If this does indeed hint at what their follow-up album has to offer, then Tears certainly leaves me both curious and sceptical. There’s no doubt that Clean Bandit have once again chosen an amazing artist to work with (Louisa’s vocals are soft, soulful and powerful), but in terms of instrumentals, it does get off to a bumpy start before settling on the right mood.

At the start, we hear nothing much apart from the lyrics, but over the course of the first minute of the song, the pace becomes rather messy. It starts with no electronic drums before developing into a slow, simplistic beat around 30 seconds in. Then, it morphs into an odd, triplet-style tempo before finally settling on a more complex, fast-paced rhythm.

It’s towards the end of Tears where the track enters familiar territory, with a groovy drum beat, flourishing strings and traditional synth stabs.

This new track from Clean Bandit is certainly different, but suggests a new direction for an already unique band.

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