It’s been six years since We No Speak Americano climbed to the top of the charts and had the nation dancing to both a song and video that were completely nonsensical, but catchy. 2011’s The Inbetweeners Movie saw the track emerge once again, but it’s since been respected as a classic dance track. Well, now, Yolanda Be Cool and DCUP are back with another dance track – From Me to You.

Straight away, I fell in love with the saxophone melody at the centre of this song. The last summer track to pull it off was Klingande’s Jubel, which was of a more laid-back style. Now, with uplifting piano stabs,  From Me to You is a different type of electronic music – a type where the main melody sounds like it belongs in a level of Mario Kart. It’s about time that a chilled dance track incorporated some jazz elements. At the moment, we’ve seen so much tropical house and funk music that this single really is uplifting in a variety of ways.

Granted, it’s a significant change from We No Speak Americano, but if anything, this release shows that they can once again contribute something big to the current music industry. It’s a shame that this track hasn’t been recognised as much as it should – despite being released in March – but I hope that From Me to You gets some airplay over the summer.

What do you think of From Me to You? Is it better than We No Speak Americano? Comment below!