With so many people contributing towards a single track, you can tell that Kill the Lights will be great even before listening to it. In this case, it’s great to see Nile Rodgers return to another dance track, Jess Glynne try something a bit more funky (rather than her usual R&B and pop) and Alex Newell offer her uplifting and cheerful soul. But now, American DJ Audien has built upon the original single – turning it into an electronic-funk floor-filler.

As with any remix which catches my attention, I often go back to the original. In this case, I couldn’t help but feel like the main version of Kill the Lights was too ‘busy’ – particularly towards the end of the song. Whilst I love the underlying guitar and 60’s funk vibe, I couldn’t help but feel like the drums, vocals and guitar all became too loud in the chorus. Thankfully, Audien’s remix keeps hold of this groovy style whilst stripping away all of this unnecessary ‘white noise’.

To start with, Audien nods to the original by beginning with the main guitar riff which runs throughout DJ Cassidy’s version. The track then develops from just vocals and a creative, deep house synth to include colourful piano chords and a driving drum beat. If the original song was made as a retro track for discos, then Audien’s remix is the refreshing version for nightclub playlists.

What do you think of Audien’s remix of Kill the Lights? Is it better than the original? Comment below!